School Business Professional

School Business Professionals (SBPs) perform a role which is unique to schools, administering and managing the financial, site and support services within the school context. They provide essential support to school leadership teams, implementing their financial and business decisions.

SBPs may work in any school phase (primary, secondary, special) and in different school structures: singles academy trusts, multi academy trusts (MATs), local authority maintained schools and federations, etc. Consequently, they can work in very different settings with varying numbers of people that they report to including the headteacher or School Business Director (SBD). Within this context, SBPs have a shared number of roles which shape their day-today activity to make this a homogeneous role in schools.

More information regarding our School Business Professional Standards can be found below:

School Business Professional Level 4 Standard

  • Completion of the School Business Professional Apprenticeship
  • Functional Skills: English and Maths at Level 2
  • Key knowledge, skills and behaviours to success within this occupational sector

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